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About Us

Welcome to the OCEANS Community Project, located in the vibrant community of Crawley, West Sussex. We are committed to promoting adult learning, employability, and celebrating cultural diversity, ensuring every individual is recognised and supported. Through our specialised programs and initiatives, we aim to create an inclusive environment where learning and collaboration thrive.

Integration Support

Bridging Cultures, Building Community

Integration support is provided to help immigrants settle within the local Crawley community. OCEANS Community Project works to overcome barriers to community integration and targets learning obstacles, offering support that brings about meaningful changes in people's lives.

Community Empowerment

By the Community, in the Community

We encourage local residents to take ownership of initiatives that respond to local issues. We aim to enhance community integration and cohesiveness by collaborating with local organisations.

Adult Learning and Employability

Unlocking Potential, Opening Doors

We provide bespoke English Language classes, varied ESOL programs, and employability support to help individuals gain the skills and confidence needed for the workforce and community life.

Our Projects


Computer Classes

Adult Learning & Employability

The Wellness Farm

English & Literacy Classes

Wellness For Men Campaign

The Food Program

Covid Support Centre

Census Support Project

Success Stories

I have supported Jeredyne in her efforts to help the community and would happily help again. One of the projects I supported was wellness for men at Crawley Library. Jeredyne cares and really tries to reach out to the community to show that there is support for ALL.


Jeredyne brings people together and since that project, many others have been supported from the community through the connections made.


Heart of gold and genuine person.

Jeredyne's work is not only limited to her management of the charity, as she continues to advocate for the rights and protection of women in different areas, such as the health sector. Her work in guiding and advising decision makers in the health sector with regards to social inclusion has been proactive and proven to be effective with positive feedback from the community.


I appreciate the work you are doing in the community. It is very much needed & I admire you for it. ….

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